Friday, November 2, 2012


Scott Brown either has no moral character or no political record he can stand on. On Tuesday the voters of Massachusetts will offer their own opinion on that critical question.

As a member of the party that elevated swiftboating to an art form defending bad behavior and questionable representation of the people’s interests, Scott Brown has clearly decided Elizabeth Warren’s proven record of defending the interests of the middle class will trump his own record of defending the rights, the wealth and the power of the privileged class. His cynical pretense to be a fair-minded voice for sanity and compromise in the U.S. Senate is as shallow as his record in sponsoring meaningful legislation or rebalancing the wholly lopsided aggregation of our nation’s wealth by the shamelessly piggish 1%.

Swiftboating, as anyone living in our modern era can tell you, is the aiming of LIES at an opponent’s strongest qualifications. George W. Bush’s campaign used swiftboating to undermine John Kerry’s record as a highly decorated swiftboat captain in VietNam (hence the term ‘swiftboating’), Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are attempting to swiftboat Barack Obama’s rescue of the auto industry, and Scott Brown is pathetically attempting to swiftboat Elizabeth Warren’s record as a fierce consumer advocate.

If Scott Brown had done more to represent the majority of his constituents he wouldn’t be forced to attack Elizabeth Warren with lies, innuendoes and fantasy assessment’s of Mrs. Warren’s past record. Or to cling like a drowning man to the irrelevant question of Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage.

As I’ve written elsewhere, Scott Brown has a history of waiting until issues are decided before casting his vote. In most cases voting against his fellow swiftboaters when the vote no longer matters and he can use it to highlight his sham willingness to work across the aisle.

The truth is Scott Brown has aligned himself with a gang of thugs who will trample a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body or to earn equal pay for equal work. A gang that, pumped up by corporate greed and billionaire donations, would bring us back to an era when Malthusian economics decreed we should allow America’s poor, elderly, and sickest citizens to live or die on their own without any help from the government. A gang that would virtually wipe out all the social, humanitarian and egalitarian progress we’ve made as a country since Franklin Delano Roosevelt first introduced Social Security as a citizen right back in the 1930’s.

A corporate and billionaire-funded gang of political hacks that denies global warming, sees the American government as its enemy, and is intent on taking food from school children’s lunches to support further expansion of an unnecessarily bloated military machine.

So when I read a mailer from Scott Brown declaring that “Elizabeth Warren is not who she says she is” I can see how desperate he is to avoid the real truth…that Scott Brown, unlike what his yard signs proclaim, is definitely NOT who he says he is.

And certainly not someone worthy of my vote. 

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  1. What do you have to do to become the 2nd most non-partisan Senator? Maybe as many as 1 vote with Democrats. The MOST non-partisan Senator probably voted 2 times with the Dems. What liars they are.