Tuesday, September 18, 2012


      Mitt Romney certainly isn’t the Wizard of Oz, but like the bumbling character revealed behind the Wizard’s curtain, he turned out to be just as human and flawed and plutocratic as we always suspected.
       Suddenly through the lens and microphone of a hidden camera, we get to experience a Mitt Romney who sounds more real, more comfortable in his skin and, not surprisingly, more like the spoiled, pampered millionaire’s son who attended expensive prep schools and enjoyed a privileged upbringing, than the automaton candidate who repeatedly shifts his position to suit prevailing political winds.
       Thanks to the wonders of micro video technology we’ve been given a glimpse of a Romney we’ve never seen before—Romney in the raw—the Romney who lets down his hair and loosens his tongue when he’s with other millionaires and CEO’s.
       Wizard-behind-the-curtain-Romney is the real Romney—exactly what you’ll get if you’re foolish or wealthy enough to justify voting for him. This is the Romney who’s been hiding behind the curtain. This Romney has nothing but disdain for Americans unfortunate enough to be out of work, or those too poor to pay taxes. This Romney believes America has a moocher class made up of 47% of the nation’s population who regularly turn their backs on good jobs so they can live off the largesse of our government. More to the point, to live off the largesse of multi-billionaires like himself who pay millions in taxes—when they’re not offshoring their income to avoid taxes—only to have you and I sucking the cream from the top of the milk bottle. You, because you probably used a Pell grant to help pursue your college education, me because I’m old enough to collect social security and qualify for medicare.
       Up till now, when asked to list my profession on some form, I usually put down “writer.” But going forward I intend to identify myself as an American parasite. Or maybe I’ll just enigmatically jot down “47” and let some overpaid government employee figure it out.
       So, here he is America, on video and clearly superior and richer than 99% of you—Mitt Romney, Republican nominee for President of the United States. The fact that he’s deriding half the American population shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed Republican politics. They’ve done their best to hobble any Obama initiative to help middle class Americans find jobs or free themselves from dependency on government assistance.  As for what Mitt and crew hope to do to some of our most important entitlement programs…
       Let’s just say, you might want to cash your social security check sooner rather than later.


  1. You are right on target. He sounded totally at home and authentic - something he has not managed in the entire campaign of the last 2 YEARS. Yes, he authentically disdains most Americans and he really dos not give a fig about them. Earlier in the campaign he actually said he doesn't worry about the poor. He back talked his way out by saying that they have a social safety net. Now the entire world can see the truth about what he actually thinks about that net. He'll burn it if he ever gets into office. I thought that he was clueless, but now I can clearly see that he is not clueless, just evil.

  2. You're right, it's as though he's been stripped naked in front of the word, his petty millionaire's mind as small as possible, only out-smalled by his heart.
    But what a gift this was!!!